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SHELL EP | EPiCentre Rijswijk

A High Performance Work Environment for Shell Exploration and Production

The EPiCentre is the result of a journey that started with the decision to transform the Rijswijk site (which had been in use since the 1960s) into a high-quality work environment.


This ambitious project has been set up to bring Shell EP Nederland employees from Rijswijk (Research), The Hague (Business) and Noordwijkerhout (Learning) together at one location.

The decision to change was made when management realized that the existing work style no longer matched the way Shell EP had developed over the years. Trends such as accelerating globalization and intensifying competition required an increased focus on customers and increased the importance of recruiting and retaining talent.

"I always missed that we never had spontaneous discussions. Everything was arranged during meetings and that required that a number of employees spent a lot of time traveling. It made the organization slow and some things just weren't done. In that sense we are sure become more dynamic. "

Ben van den Brule - Shell Septar

These developments had turned Shell EP into a more flexible, team-based organization over the years.

Better effectiveness and team performance

The working environment and working style of the EPiCentre are designed to improve personal effectiveness and team performance.


In addition, Shell EP wanted to send a signal that it appreciates its employees. The concept, designed with the 'activity based' design approach, attaches great importance to the collective use of facilities, teamwork and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.


The working environment is inspiring and stylish so that employees can feel comfortable, at home and appreciated.

"This new way of working has many advantages, especially for teams with a large number of traveling members.

They will find everything they need - your workplace

is where you are '.

Jan Alkemade - Project Director EPiCentre

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