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Nassau - safe and healthy work environment design

Is your work environment

ready for the future?


Innovative Office Conepts Nassau Workplace Strategy & Design

Nassau creates innovative work environment

concepts that help to make your organization agile and future-proof and encourages your employees to reach their potential.


Multidisciplinary teams

Because these challenges do not stop at the boundaries of a professional domain, we work on assignments in multidisciplinary teams. Teams include specialists in the field of interior design, organizational change, training and coaching, ICT, information provision and graphic design. We create unique, tailor-made work environment solutions for our customers.

What holds us together is our curiosity and the

excitement that we feel when we explore

innovate ways to create inspiring solutions.

Focused on results and genuinely involved

We are result-oriented, think pragmatically and are used to working for a wide variety of different (international) organizations.

We take the time to understand the challenges our clients face and carefully identify needs whishes and demands.

We are genuinely committed to our customers and offer state-of-the-art solutions.

‘Clients do not come first. Employees come first.

If you take care of your employees,

they will take care of your clients.’

- Richard Branson, CEO Virgin


Hybrid Office Concepts? Contact Nassau Workplace Strategy & Design

Consultant | Founder

Jos van der Wielen


Jos van der Wielen - is the owner and founder of Nassau - Workplace Strategy. After studying Work and Organizational Psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam, he specialized in flexible forms of work (telework, working from home) and innovative work environments.

At Nassau, Jos focuses mainly on the development of new working methods, social innovation and agile forms of organization alternating between the role of advisor, researcher and trainer / coach. He has a lot of experience with the integrated design trajectories ('activity based' design) in almost all industry and government sectors.

Jos also gives lectures, speaks regularly at conferences and has published articles in both academic and professional journals. He is co-author of the books “International Perspectives on Telework: 'from telecommuting to the virtual organization” (Routledge), “The New Way of Working” (Tiem) and “Sustainable Working” (Tiem).

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Time and place independent working. Call Nassau Workplace Strategy & Design

Flexible working concepts

Jaques Giesbertz


Jacques Giesbertz - studied Social Geography at the University of Utrecht and worked at various consultancies before establishing himself as a 'social entrepreneur'.


He is the founder of social organizations 'GildePlus' and 'Stadouders'.

Within Nassau, Jacques is active in developing and realizing integrated and flexible working concepts for social real estate.

He usually works with what is already there (museums, libraries, theaters) and, by making the right connections and clever combinations, he is able to create new opportunities for collaboration that benefit all parties involved. The working community he developed in the Parktheater in Eindhoven is a good example of his skills and expertise.

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Flexible working? Conctact Nassau Workplace Strategy & Design

Interior architect

Maud van Hees

Maud van Hees - owns interARC interior design and architecture. After studying architecture at Delft University of Technology, she worked as an architect at UNStudio on various (international) projects.

Since, 2016 she focusses entirely on interior architecture. After working at Nicemakers and Slangen architects, she started her own company in 2020.

Together with Nassau, Maud develops and designs innovative work environment concepts for offices, schools and care institutions (from design to realization).


Maud's way of working is personal, outgoing  and inspiring. She works in close cooperation with clients to translate ambitions into a unique, sustainable and innovative physical design, demonstrating an exceptionally good eye for the human dimension.

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An innovative office concept for your organisation? Contact Nassau Workplace Strategy & Design

UX Design

Hans Strijbos


Hans Strijbos studied Spatial Design at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda and attended aesthetics classes at the University of Amsterdam.


After his studies he specialized in design for new media and industrial design. Hans worked as lead designer for Bang & Olufsen on various telecommunication projects.

Within Nassau, Hans focuses on 'internal branding' and 'UX design'. Internal branding translates the culture, identity and core values ​​of a company into the physical working environment in order to enhance the work experience.

with UX design, the user experience is optimized in such a way that the user experiences the working environment as user-friendly and comfortable.

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interARC logo

interarc is een architectenbureau gespecialiseerd in interieurontwerpen voor bedrijven

Van Der Architects Logo

Van der Architects focuses on providing creative solutions to work-place related issues and aims to create an architecture where users have an authentic experience of space.

Team 1.5 logo

Team 1.5 helps with the redesign of the working environment after COVID.

Livemobility logo

Livemobility is het platform dat medewerkers beloont voor duurzaam reisgedrag. Zo worden medewerkers betrokken bij de duurzaamheids-doelstellingen van bedrijven. 

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