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A new way of working for SRA

Nobody knew that a Corona crisis was coming, when the staff of SRA moved into their new office in De Meern, mid-December 2019. Because the new way of working made it possible to work independently of time and place, adapting to the quarantine situation was a piece of cake.

A new way of working


With the move to the new office and the introduction of the 'new way of working', SRA embarked on a new phase. The organization not only became more flexible and efficient but all staff were given also more trust responsibility and freedom to complete the work within agreed frameworks. Employees are supported by a transparent work environment with different types of workplaces, where you can choose the most adequate workplace anywhere, anytime.


The changes are necessary for SRA to be future-proof. That means responding flexibly and adapting to changing market developments and new technologies. Keywords are: agility, innovation, product development, collaboration, looking beyond walls and creativity.

Work where you want

With the advent of new digital possibilities, it is no longer always necessary to work in fixed places. Everyone can nowadays always and everywhere contribute in the office, at home or elsewhere. Flexible working also means that we do not own a workplace in the office, but all


SRA is a network organization of 370 independent accountancy firms with 900 branches in the Netherlands.


With practical and strategic support, SRA strengthens the business operations of the affiliated offices. By bundling knowledge and experience, SRA offices can optimally help and advise entrepreneurs.

share facilities and work in an activity-oriented manner; we work in the most suitable place and change places if the activity requires it. For example, the employee determines where, when, with whom and how he works and teams determine how they use the working environment.


The new way of working puts SRA on the map as one of the most progressive association of accountancy firms in the Netherlands. Employees developed the so-called SRA Compass with four cardinal directions, each of which describes one of the important core values ​​of the new way of working: trust & responsibility, cooperation and sharing knowledge, daring and doing, fun and educational. To show that it was serious, management abolished the annual appraisal cycle and associated compensation scheme. From now on, prospects and opportunities were looked forward to. Towards a new culture with a 'growth mindset'!

"We have a

fantastic, cool work environment,

which gives us the opportunity to work flexible, improve our vitality and stay fit."

SRA Compass

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