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An integral work environment design for Shell EP Europe (EPE)

The development of the EPE working environment is set against the background of a major restructuring of the Shell EPE organization. By consolidating the activities of three organizations (Expro, NAM and Norske Shell), Shell EPE is shifting its efforts from national to pan-European level. By shifting operations to a higher aggregation level, Shell was able to improve quality and reduce costs.


The EPE work environment had to be adapted to increase the congruence between (new) organizational goals, ICT tools, physical work environment and working method. By using an integrated approach, in which the physical working environment, ICT tools and working methods were considered in conjunction, it was possible to achieve important synergy benefits:

  • Cost savings through standardization of processes and systems

  • Reduce the lack of expertise by enabling expertise and resources to be deployed independently of the physical location

  • Increased efficiency and fewer delays in processes through real-time collaboration

  • Improve the effectiveness of virtual teams by providing them with global access to data and information

  • Increase flexibility and responsiveness so that you can respond more quickly to new opportunities and developments

  • An environment in which cultural values ​​are reflected and which shows appreciation for employees

To meet the 'EPE vision on the working environment', a standardized 'footprint' of the working environment EPE building has been designed according to the 'activity-based' design approach.


This carefully designed footprint has a layout that allows the integration of different types of work and activities. The footprint integrates expertise about the building, the layout, the design and the acoustic and visual privacy into a high-quality work environment.


The wishes and requirements of the organization and the team have been taken into account in order to adapt the working environment to the work activities of Shell EPE. Together with the technical (eg space, building schedule), legal (eg occupational health and safety regulations) and HSE standards, this has resulted in a balanced, overall solution for the EPE building.



'The EPE work environment is very much in line with the positive behaviors that Shell EPE wishes to encourage. It is an environment where challenges and problems can be collectively embraced and solved. Perhaps most importantly, it is a work environment where information can be shared with others so that problems and

challenges can be anticipated and ideas can be captured and developed. As such this is the first EPE office where the work environment has been designed to enable staff and teams achieve EPE’s aims.'

Paul Knowland – Shell EPE

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