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SONOS | an inspiring challenge

An innovative and inspiring working environment for Sonos Shanghai

The Sonos organization has developed at a steady pace since its inception, but growth has accelerated from 2013. The increased use of smartphones in combination with the increase in streaming audio sites such as Pandora, Spotify and recently Apple Music created a perfect storm for a company that had already delved into app-driven wireless music distribution.

To keep pace with rapid growth, Sonos Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F) has invested heavily in incremental space and workstations on a global scale.


Sonos RE&F has developed a Workplace Concept characterized by an open and transparent work environment with a variety of facilities to focus, collaborate and socialize. Sonos branding is prominent in all offices.

Standardized concept

Sonos RE&F was looking for a standardized work environment concept that could eventually be applied to the entire Sonos workplace portfolio.

Sonos RE&F has asked Nassau to guide the process of testing, developing and designing a standardized, activity-based, workplace concept and to apply it in a first version to the Sonos office in Shanghai (1000 m², 64 employees).


The workplace concept had to match the Chinese work culture and meet conditions such as: flexibility (in connection with expected growth), efficiency (less costs per employee) and effectiveness (improving cooperation, innovation), branding (identity) and user experience (look and feel). ).


Sonos is a fast-growing manufacturer of wireless multi-room music systems. Sonos Inc. was founded in 2002 and is located in Santa Barbara, California, with additional offices in Cambridge (Massachusetts), Hilversum (Netherlands), Munich (Germany), London (UK), Hellerup (Denmark), Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen (China) and Penang (Malaysia), with a total workforce of approximately 1,200 employees.


With their innovative approach and high-quality wireless audio products, Sonos has revolutionized the music industry and forever changed the way people listen to music.

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